What is a Hamiltonstovare and are they right for me?

Hamiltonstovare are a Swedish scenthound bred to hunt hare and sometimes fox. Their hunting style is generally hunting alone or in a brace, never in a pack. They are bred to work with the hunter on a one on one level, using their voice to communicate their location to the hunter. They are bred to drive the hare or fox to the waiting hunter, instead of driving the game to a den. 

When they are not hunting they are expected to be well-rounded companions for the family. With that in mind, they make incredible pets. However, they are NOT for everybody.  


Hamiltonstovare have a high prey drive and it is something that will never be bred out of my hounds. They get along well with other dogs but they can be hit or miss with cats. Luckily, I have 2 very tolerant cats that put the hounds in their place if they get to be too much. I never recommend a Hamiltonstovare for a home that has any small mammals, such as rodents, ferrets, hedgehogs, etc. because they will try and kill them. It is their nature based on what they have been bred to do since the 1860's. 

Hamiltonstovare require a home that is patient and with a sense of humor. They generally aren't like labs and Goldens in that they want to please their owners. Hamiltonstovare are devoted to their people but are independent. They are highly intelligent and are great problem solvers. Their problem solving skills is generally related to things that serve them and may displease their owners. We have locking trash cans, keep everything out of hound reach on counters, and generally try to keep things that they want under lock and key.  


Hamiltonstovare require a sense of humor because they do things their own way. My guys know sit, down and several other things but they will back-talk and take their time to do a task. They generally sleep upside down. Alice loves to look at herself in the mirror and any mirror that she sees, she will just stop and stare at herself. 


Most Hamiltonstovare are required to be in a fenced in yard with a fence height of at least 5 feet. They love their people but they also love hunting, so they may not come when called, especially when they are on the scent of something they like. 

Hamiltons are FANTASTIC with children. They are very gentle and tolerant of kids. They would never harm a person and the instinct to be vicious is something completely foreign to them.  

If you think that sounds great, then let me know.