The origin story

To those that know me personally, you know my origin story and the weird path that led me to the Hamiltonstovare. 

I started showing Beagles in 1998 when I lived in Raleigh, NC. When I moved to Midlothian, Va, I started showing Great Danes as a Junior Handler with Nuttree Great Danes. During that time, Animal Planet still aired Crufts on Saturday mornings. One Saturday morning, instead of sleeping in like a normal teenager, I saw I'm No April Fool I'm at Tedandi (Vincent) and fell in love with the breed.  

At that moment, I started researching and finding breeders. I learned quickly that my desire to own a Hamiltonstovare would be filled with many struggles. 

I got in contact with Michelle Longman in 2008. We quickly formed a nice relationship, where we swapped dog stories and shared conformation opinions. She educationed me on her interreptation of the standard. She kindly offered me Alice, and I was over the moon. I moved mountains to make sure that Alice arrived in the states. Within months of Alice's arrival, the Hamiltonstovare Club of America was founded by myself and Any Greenbaum and the breed was well on its way to full recognition by the AKC.  

Just after 2 years of Alice's arrival, Michelle Longman came to me after having difficulty placing a young male in a show home. This male, Rolo, was one that I liked as an 8 week old. Yet again she offered this stunning dog to me as long as I paid for his import. I moved mountains to make sure he got here.  

Now, they have had incredible success in the show ring. I look forward to what the future brings with them and their offspring.