Health testing and all things responsible

Currently, I am the only person in America that is health testing Hamiltonstovare. I test for hip displaysia, elbow displaysia, autoimmune thyroiditis, and have DNA samples on file with AKC and soon to be OFA. Health testing is extremely important to a rare breed that is just starting out in a country. 

My goal with health testing is to make sure that my foundation stock will pass the best and healthiest genes on to their offspring. I will never not stop health testing because I feel that it is my duty to my puppy owners to give them the most accurate information possible. I also require that any bitch owner that wants to use my stud dog have a minimum of testing done prior to my approval. 

To use Rolo at stud, for example; the following MUST be done as it is considered standard practice for a responsible breeder in America:
Hip displaysia testing done and evaluated by an appropriate governing body in that country
Negative brucellosis test (unless the country is brucellosis free)
Show record
2 photos, one of the dog's front and head, another of the dog in a standing position
1 video of the dog in motion

As a responsible breeder, I screen all future puppy owners. There is an application process and I try to build a relationship with every person interested in one of my puppies. I want to be involved in their future and make sure that they have the best life possible. There are some things that are red flags to me and I will not sell to a prospective owner if any of the following have happened: giving an animal to a shelter, giving an animal away, or returning an animal to its breeder unless dire circumstances were involved (divorce, job loss, death of family member), pre-mature death of an animal directly in your care due to a preventable accident, currently owning a rabbit, hamster, gerbil, mouse, rat, etc., your primary goal is to have a hunting dog to hunt the game that you specify (I will sell to hunters but require a home visit and require that the dog lives in your home and not outside in a kennel). Also, as a responsible breeder, I will take a dog back regardless of the reason. I do require a contract to be signed that details things further. 

Generally, most people that are interested in a Hamiltonstovare have asked me about price fairly quickly and I feel that I price my puppies quite reasonably. My guys are $2,000 regardless of quality. This price may change at any time and can vary from one litter to the next. The reason behind my price is several, most imports from other countries will cost at minimum of $2,000 including shipping. Another is the cost to raise a litter is extremely high, my first litter was born via emergency c-section, shots, feeding, socialization, general care, and some early training, all put my litter cost at well over $2,000 a puppy. I lost money with this breeding, but I don't breed for the money and never will. I breed to better the breed as a whole. While the financial sting may hurt temporarily, watching my puppies grow up to be extraordinary examples of the breed is something that nobody can put a price on. 

I do try and match the right puppy to the right owner. In my last breeding, I made a concerted effort to place the most outgoing puppy in the therapy dog home. Griffin was a puppy that had to have something to do, so placing him in a home where he would be a pet and not stay busy would drive him and his owners crazy, so he is in a therapy dog home where he can stay busy. Henry was the most laid back of all of the puppies so he was placed in a home that would show him but he would primarily be a companion. With the girls, it is a different story because they live here. Raven is the pick of the litter and loves to be the center of attention so she will be shown, heavily. Selene is a dainty princess, she will be shown but it doesn't necessarily suit her personality. Selene might do agility in the future because her favorite thing is jumping.