UKC USA UFR Oceania Lucky Penny
Rescue Teddy Roosevelt Terrier

Penny is one of the unspoken heroes here at Oceania. She is my fiance's dog and is a true delight to be around. Penny was a rescue that was brought into a local Petco, turned in with papers and everything. My fiance took her home and she has never left his side. Penny is a wonderful little terrier that truly enjoys life and is the best puppy raiser ever. 

On a whim, we decided to enter her in her first terrier race in 2013, she quickly proved that she still knows what she was bred to do. Recently at the UKC Carolina Classic, Penny finished her UFR title and started earning points for her UFRCH and 2015 All-Star points. Penny will make her Barn Hunt debut later this year. We take great pride in knowing that the rescue dog that nobody wanted is now titled and currently one of the top Class C Flat Racers in the country.