Updates and more updates

I know that it has been a while since I have posted any updates but here are some. First, Selene has earned TWO dock diving titles and will be competing at the AKC NADD Nationals in the Open Junior class in Orlando, Fl on December 16th. Getting her qualified for nationals and earning her dock diving titles have been a huge priority for us over the summer and we are thrilled at how well she has done and she even has a personal best of 12' 6". 

Second is that there will not be a litter until 2018 at the absolute earliest. While we were in the midst of planning and arranging a 2017 breeding, we had some house emergencies take place that meant that all of the funds that we had planned for the breeding were allocated to making sure that our home was safe and comfortable. Not to worry though, everybody is fine and we had our A/C break in the middle of August and a massive water leak in our attic and ceiling. We had a few extremely hot nights and a LOT of disappointment from contractors in the area that caused the water leak. Thankfully, the great people at Woodfin repaired the A/C unit successfully and efficiently and we've been comfy ever since. Of course as timing couldn't be worse as all three intact girls came in season within a week of each other while our A/C was out, so breeding Alice was not in the cards when you have to suddenly spend over a thousand dollars to fix your home. 

Third, we will not be competing in any UKC shows this year because we are focusing exclusively on AKC and earning as many CM points as possible before the end of the year. This is in no way a reflection on the clubs in the area but just a simple issue of logistics and timing. Next year we will be focusing on earning UKC Grand Champion titles and Rolo's UWPCH. 

Fourth, we hope to see lots of people in Orlando, Fl from December 13-17. The Oceania gang is heading to the AKC National Championships for the first time. We will be competing in the 3 Open Shows, Dock Diving nationals and the AKC Meet the Breeds event. Oceania Brave at Heart CGCA will also make his AKC show debut there. 

Finally, to those that have submitted puppy inquiries, I appreciate your understanding in the fact that we are incredibly busy trying to wrap up the year. We are considering breeding Raven next year and/or Alice and until those details are solidified we are relying on patience and understanding of those interested in a Oceania Hamiltonstovare. Also, please come to me with solid research because I have refused to respond to a few inquiries due to incorrect information, lack of information, and irresponsible statements. I also feel that I need to clarify some things because I have received a few incorrect things in puppy inquiries about this, yes Hamiltonstovare do shed! Hamiltonstovare generally shed less than most dogs and are classified as seasonal shedders but they shed way more leading up to summer than they due leading up to winter. During the spring shedding season, I bushed enough coat out of Raven to knit a sweater. So I don't want people to think this breed doesn't shed, because they do.