Podcast coming soon!!

Well we are back from Orlando and have decided to start our own podcast. Orlando was awesome, Rolo finished his CM2 and won a group first as well as a group 3rd. Rolo is now mostly retired from the AKC rings, he will probably come back out for Orlando 2019 and that’s it.

To those that know us, know that we love podcasts. We listened to My Favorite Murder on our drive to Orlando and back from Orlando. I am a member of their fan cult and listen to podcasts daily at work. So while listening to This Podcast Will Kill You, I came up with the idea for a podcast called “About a Dog”, it will be a weekly podcast that features every single dog breed. The breed features will be down to earth, share real stories on how each breed impacts people, why each breed should be preserved, where to go to get information about the particular breed, and a scale of our own making called “would you own one?” We want this podcast to be fun and informative, while highlighting breeds, that in many cases are critically endangered, and letting the general public learn.

This blog will be the official host for the podcast and so episodes will be popping up here on a weekly basis.