Updates - Fast CAT, Chickens, Puppies, oh my!!

Raven and Selene took part in their first Fast CAT trial in Mechanicsville, Va. Selene was dramatically faster than Raven. Fast CAT is an AKC event open to all registered dogs be it purebred or mixed breeds. It is a test of speed and prey drive. We like to use lure coursing and Fast CAT as a good gauge of prey drive for retaining instincts within the breed and I am glad that Raven and Selene did me proud. They are both well on their way to their first Fast CAT titles. 

Oceania has somewhat expanded to chickens. Currently we have 2 Light Brahma chicks and will hopefully have some nice bug control and fresh eggs for the dogs to enjoy within the next few months. Depending on the genders of the chicks, we may be partnering with a local farm to obtain some Swedish Flower Hens as well. To those that enjoyed our puppycam years ago, it is back and open to the public as a chick cam. 

If you are interested in seeing the chicks mess around in their pen in the Muck Room, please check them out here: Oceania Brahmas

Yes, you saw the post right, we are in full puppy planning mode. I am usually against repeat breedings but we have decided to breed Alice and Rolo again. After this breeding, Alice will be spayed with an Ovary Sparing Spay procedure. We are not planning on keeping any of the puppies from this litter, we are doing this just to boost the US breed population. We have puppies available for this litter and would love more Show, Performance, Service Dog and Therapy Dog homes for this litter. If interested, please contact us, also please be mindful to use a valid email address so that we can respond in a timely manner. 

As always, in order to be considered for a puppy, please complete a puppy application when I send it. 

We have also decided a stud for Raven's first breeding and just announced it. It is a young Norwegian dog that will be a complete outcross and add vital new bloodlines to the gene pool in the US. If you are interested in this breeding, please let me know when you submit a contact form, indicate a preference for either the Alice breeding or the Raven breeding. Show, Performance, Service Dog and Therapy Dog homes are always welcome and please indicate that in the contact form.