Puppy Applications

I know that I have been extremely slow to respond to my messages but life has been nuts and I went back to school for 6 months to earn a certification for my career (breeding Hamiltonstovare is NOT my career, I work a regular job too), for that I apologize. So I had to put my inquiries to the side for a while. Thankfully, I am finished with school and earned my certification. 

I am completely caught up on my puppy inquiries from the form on this page. As a rule, I require ALL prospective puppy buyers to complete a puppy application before I continue any and all correspondence. This is for both my security and your security. Basically it proves to me that you have been a responsible pet owner/dog owner in the past and that you have done a bit of research on Hamiltonstovare as a breed. 

I understand that it may take some time to complete my application but generally after 2 weeks, I start to think that you aren't interested in being put on my waiting list. Everybody, no matter who you are, goes on my waiting list. If you want a Hamiltonstovare sooner, import from Sweden. Timing has to be perfect for myself to breed a litter as it takes a lot of time and money to raise a litter, and I breed for the betterment of the breed and not because people want my dogs. 

My application is similar to every responsible breeder and every responsible rescue/shelter. It is not optional. If you have concerns about any portion of my applications, please express it in the application. Feel free to ask questions. My best applications are the ones that show time and effort. I need to know things like animal ownership history, as this breed requires a responsible and vigilant owner that will take the time to set rules and boundaries. I also want to know if you have interest in dog sports because those that have any experience in dog sports and dog shows generally will get bumped up on my waiting list. I want owners that will be breed ambassadors as well as make sure they have cherished pets. 

So please complete the application that I send you. If you didn't get an application from me then please complete your form again.