Hamiltonstovare and dog allergies

My focus on this will be on if Hamiltonstovare are hypoallergenic. As a general rule there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog breed. Some individual dogs are less reactive than others but those factors are varied and can change from different dogs of the same breed and even the same litter.

Myself and my fiancé suffer from dog allergies but they are far less severe than others. Each dog causes a different reaction to me but the constant is that the two male dogs in my house, Rolo and Kemper, cause me to react more than the four females, Alice, Penny, Raven and Selene. Hamiltonstovare are a breed that are NOT classified as traditionally hypoallergenic. The main reason for that is that Hamiltonstovare have fur and fur tends to have more dander than hair.

However, each dog produces dander differently and some people react to saliva and not to dander. Dander is linked to shedding and the thought process is that a low shedding breed would be less allergenic.

Hamiltonstovare are a very low shedding breed if fed and properly maintained. My Hamiltonstovare shed less combined than one of my fiance’s terriers. They are a very clean breed in general and some have been known to be very cat-like in their cleanliness. However, that may increase the allergy risk.

Hamiltonstovare are considered to be a dry-mouth breed in that they do not drool. They may drool slightly at the sight of food or if heavily stressed but not constantly. The most mess I see with my Hamiltons is at the water-bowl as my guys tend to be messy drinkers.

If thinking about Hamiltonstovare in an allergen scale they would be classified as a low-risk breed for people allergic to saliva and a low to medium risk for those suffering from dander allergies. If you have mild allergies, some Hamiltons might be the right fit. If you are concerned about a reaction please consult a breeder, a breeder will be able to provide a location to test and evaluate each dog on an individual basis.