Special Selene

It was something that I decided when Alice had her litter that we would keep the pick girl. Keeping both girls had never crossed my mind. That changed when Selene was born. I had hoped that we would be able to keep both girls and Selene made that mind up for us.

What a few people know is that within six months of Alice’s arrival, I had two people interested in an Alice puppy. One person now owns Griffin and her dream was realized. The other sadly passed away prior to Alice’s litter. The other, Amos, always asked about Alice as often as he could and expressed a desire to own his very own mini-Alice. I knew that it was like catching lightning in a bottle so we agreed that a co-ownership with an Alice daughter would be better. Amos was local and a co-worker of mine. When Amos passed away, I made it my personal mission to keep moving forward with the breed, no matter what.

Fast forward to nearly 4 years after Amos’ death, Alice’s litter was born. I remember seeing in the heated box a little girl puppy with a spot on the back of her neck, just like her mother. The first words out of my mouth were “she’s a mini-Alice..” With that utterance, Selene had a permanent place with me and a place in my heart. I did offer Selene to Alice’s breeder but I never heard anything from Alice’s breeder, thankfully. Others expressed an interest in her, experienced people who have shown and bred dogs before. However, none of them felt right. A few people may become Hamiltonstovare owners in the future but something in me told me to not let this little girl go.

I am so glad that I listened to my gut instincts. Selene lives life to the fullest at all possible moments. She is bonded so tightly with Michael that he is listed as her co-owner. Selene adores her daddy and wants to do just about anything with him. I truly feel that Amos is looking down on her with pride as she would have been his. Selene knew that her first daddy isn’t here so that she attached herself to Michael.

Selene is so very special and I am very pleased with her. She really is a mini-Alice in looks but a polar opposite in personality. Selene likes showing but really wants to do just about anything to keep her mind active.